March 22, 2011

Closet Organizing

      I am knee deep in some serious spring cleaning! I love the newness that comes with this season. It seems to make all the spring cleaning easier somehow.

       Our kids closet is in desperate need of some hooks to hold belts, ties, purses, hats and all that jazz. All the ideas I was coming up with involved making holes in our walls. I wasn't sold on that at all. So, leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with something clever.

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          I found this great idea on her website, she just added hooks to hangers. Genius! What a simple solution. Now we won't have to add holes in the walls! Whoop Whoop

        Instead of using clamp hangers as she did, I just used some wood hangers we had handy.

We just put hooks on the bottom. This works great! You just have to be very careful putting the hooks in. We used a super small drill bit to make the holes. You can just use elbow grease, but you will probably get some serious blisters, but it can be done. If your not careful, its easy to crack the rod. The ones where the rod cracked, we just made them like this below and removed the cracked rod. Both styles work fabulous.
Right now I am in the thick of the closet clean out, once I am done I will have to post more pictures!

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  1. GENIUS idea! Those type of hangers in stores are pretty expensive, I think ours was around $40 for one belt hanger! I wish I would have thought of this!! Thanks so much for linking up to Try it Tuesday at DotDotDot!