January 12, 2012

I'm back....

       So sorry friends for the hiatus! We are alive and well. Our family moved right before the holidays and its been a whirlwind around these parts unpacking, gearing up for Christmas, and doing oodles of home projects. I can't wait to share those with you!! So now we are back in the groove for more regular scheduled programing!

         We saw the most clever Grandparents chair on Pinterest. Pretty amazing, right!
       Well for Christmas Mr. Build It  made one for my in laws! They loved it, so do the itty bittys. Hopefully there will be many amazing memories for them rocking away together.
    I wish we had taken more pictures of the "process" but things were so busy for us this is all we ended up with.

   We converted a rocking chair we had for sometime but never used. It was practically new considering the amount of use it got. So we added the side arms to it and before we knew it....It was done.


                    The finished product. Thanks pinterest for the great idea!

                                           THANKS FOR VISITING!

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