May 30, 2012

End of the Year Teacher Thank You


            I know for some school has already ended, we still have a few more weeks till we can enjoy a schedule free life! I can hardly wait!! This year I really wanted to do something meaningful for our teachers to thank them for such a great year! This kids wrote their teachers a letter of thanks, and I wrote a letter to the Principal about how AMAZING the teachers were. Its my hope they will put that letter in the teachers professional files. I also made a copy of that letter to give the teacher as well. Its always nice to hear the compliments said about you, right? Plus, who doesn't like for the boss to know your doing a pretty spectacular job!  I sure hope they will love it, we are so grateful for all they have done! As I was writing the letters my eyes were getting a little teary just thinking about how much they have helped my kids grow the last nine months.

      I used my Silhouette and made a purse to send everything to school.  An envelope just didn't seem as fun. You don't need a silhouette to make a purse, there is a great tutorial on You Tube here, that spells it all our for you. Thanks for visiting and happy summer to you!


  1. what a cute bag! they'd be great for parting gifts at baby showers too! fun!!

  2. school starts in one week...any ideas on gifts for teachers for the beginning of school??? smiles!!