October 2, 2012

Child Size Coat Rack

    Our son is started preschool this year, ooh how I wish I could freeze him at this age! I am doing a
coop with 5 other moms where we each take a week teaching the preschool lesson. Its more like home school preschool.  Its so much fun, and he is loving it.  The week I teach I knew we would need a place for the kids to put their little book bags and shoes, so we made a fun coat rack preschool sized.

     I found a few ideas on Pinterest, but none of them were exactly what I was looking for. We  ended up just merging the best parts of them to come up with what we needed. Here is the tutorial in pictures.

     After lots of sanding, primer, paint, hooks, and grip tape we fell in love with our finished preschool sized coat rack. I am happy to say the kiddos love it, it helps keep things organized while I teach preschool. It measures a little over 4 feet in height. It fits 6 little book bags and shoes great, and the kids can reach it all themselves!  We love it !

Thanks for Visiting and Happy Building!

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  1. love the little rack for shoes and backpacks. so clever!!!