March 22, 2013

Relief Society Birthday Party

       Wowzers, I love Relief Society! Relief Society is a womens organization in our church. You can learn more about what we believe here and here.

      This March when we celebrated our Relief Society Birthday and did it Minute to Win It Style. Our idea started from this. Our theme was how Relief Society helps us find Joy in Every Minute. We played 3 minute to win it games (Caddy Shack, Cookie to the Face, and By a thread) then had two ladies share a short testimony of how Relief Society helped them, followed by a short talk on Joy. Not to mention a massive amount of desserts! Ohhh... the desserts were fabulous! What's a birthday without treats! It was such a fun night.

       We also did a early bird raffle for those ladies that arrived on time. You can find the printable I made below. We used that for our gift. We framed it and wrapped it up for our winner. Here are some picture of what we did to decorate.
     I so wish I had pictures of all the fun as it was happening, but its so hard to remember that when your right in the thick of having fun. However here are a few things we did to decorate...

Here is the food table prior to all the most amazing treats arriving

After signing in as a follower over on the side bar, (it only takes a minute)- you can download that printable here  Thanks!
I made the printable based on the 2008 talk given by President Monson titled Finding Joy in Every Moment.

Sorry for the glare, I took the picture from my phone. This is what our early bird raffle winner got.

Here is the poster we made to help advertise. We also made cupcakes with a topper that included the date and time for our invitations. The cupcake idea was from here

    I so wish I had a picture of these, but at each of our monthly activities we have a small table set up with one simple Emergency Preparedness idea and a family home evening packet for them to take home, that is based on the nights theme.
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  1. Thanks for sharing! Love looking at your ideas in here in WA