January 31, 2011

American Doll Inspiration

Picture taken from the American Doll web site
  So we saw this American Doll crib in a magazine. Pretty cute huh! I thought so, but didn't really like big fat price tag that accompanied it, and knew we could make it for far less. Plus, we could use real wood and it would last longer. So, we took our inspiration from the picture and off we went...

Here's the pre paint picture

. Our finished American Doll Crib.

I made a cute little pillow and blanket for these little baby dolls. I think it turned out great, and our nieces loved it! Hopefully their baby dolls will now get a good night sleep!

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1 comment:

  1. Beautiful bed and a really good knockoff. I like your bed better than the original one. Next year when we are done moving I am planning on making one for my daughter. Thank you for sharing.