February 3, 2011

Art Boxes

     I so wish as a Mom I could save every ounce of the kids art work. Truth be told though ,we only save a few really special projects and call it good. The rest, well....some we take photo's of and save on a disk or print the photo for their scrap books. The rest gets recycled. Sad but true!

     For the pieces we do save, they go in the kids art boxes which they totally love! The boxes are about 10x13 and 10 inches deep made from wood and stained. We designed them so the lid slides off fairly easily so the kids can always access it. Then, our little artist all went with me and helped pick out their paper for the top of the boxes. I mod podged the paper on. (hint: if you apply the mod podge to the back of the paper instead of the box, it bubbles less, wait for that to dry completely, then apply a  light coat of mod podge to the top of the paper.) I used a punch for the kids initials on the top of their box, which also got mod podged on.We have been using these since my son started Kindergarten and they have been a huge help in saving those special little projects and keeping things organzied.

Sorry for the blurry photos, they were taken before we started the blog


  1. OK you are even more amazing than I even already thought--WOW! That baby doll bed is super-pro, and i love all your ideas. SUCH a talented lady! I am totally going to vote for you next week-good luck!

  2. This is super cute and such a basic and easy project! Good job and great idea!