February 1, 2011

Dollar Store Snowman

    To say I love snow is an under statement! I love that the kids get out of school, I love that instantly the calendar gets cleared because of the roads, I love that we all get to stay home and do whatever our heart desires, and do I need to even mention the hot chocolate!

  Well, while I was in the dollar store I saw these cute wreaths. I scooped up 3 of them and decided a snowman would be born! Seriously, a wreath for 3.00. Pretty sweet! I got home dug out our white spray paint and wire and went to town. After about 3 coats of spray paint. (Man, I forgot how much these little wreaths soak up) I attached wire to the back of them. Don't forget to add wire to the top also so you have a hook to hang it.

        No snowman is ever complete without a scarf! I Threw one on, and there ya have it, a snowman wreath for 3.00.

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