February 22, 2011

Do Not Dry Me!

       So, when I do the laundry there are always a few clothes that are not suppose to go in the dryer. Well, I totally forget, every single time, until I am folding all my nicely dried clothes. Then it dawns on me that some of those threads should not have made it in the dryer. Oops! So, I whipped up a little magnet I place right by my washer door on those loads I need my memory jogged a bit! Hope this helps you also!

Anyone else have any fun ideas they use to help them?

Here is the link for the laundry printable.  Thanks for visiting!
I laminated the printable and attached a magnet :)

The elements used in the printable are from ScrapBook Max, Just So Scrappy: Pocket Full of Posies and the bubbles are from Michelle McCoy-Summer Churp Kit. Enjoy!

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  1. What a cute idea. I really need one of those.

  2. Now this is perfect...and even more perfect the occasional load of laundry the hubby has to change!

  3. Very clever! Thanks so much for liniking this neat idea up to Try it Tuesday!
    See ya tomorrow!