March 8, 2011

Fabric Headband

          Hello bloggy friends! Here is a fun little fabric headband I made for our little miss, its so super easy. It's the perfect project to help use up some small amounts of scraps laying around. You can whip up a bunch of these beauties in no time!

Here's what you will need...
I used two strips of material both measured 4" wide and 16" long
(I would measure your little ones head though to make sure on size. You want the fabric to wrap around her head and go a little past her ears.)
5"of elastic. I use the 1/4" soft stretch.
2 pieces of rick rack measuring 16" long.

                 Cut your material and iron the seams over. (I iron because I am totally lazy and hate to pin)

       Now, I guess I have to let you in on my dirty little secret! I temporailly glue my rick rack down! Every time I use to pin the rick rack it took forever to get it "just so". Then, it always ended up shifting on me when I sewed it down somehow. It wasn't very fun. 

      So, I figured this good 'ol glue stick would do the trick, and it really does work like magic everytime. If you do this apply the glue stick to the rick rack not the material. It helps hold it better. The glue dries pretty quick, but I found that the scotch glue stick seems to give me a few extra minutes of hold time so I can get it sewn up before it dries.  Once you have them temporally glued down, add the other peice of fabric on top of the fabric with the rick rack.

                     Tuck the ends in and pin those. Then sew up the right and left sides of the headband.

Finally, slide the elastic in the ends that you tucked in and sew the elastic down.

                                                 Taa Daa, a new headband for you little miss!

This was a fun and quick little project! Happy Sewing.
 Thanks for visiting.


  1. This is so cute! I have lots of extra fabric pieces so this will be a great little project to do for Maddie. Thanks Jenn! Also, the placemat and car table are fabulous as well-you guys are just so skilled and creative!

  2. Cute headband! I so wish my daughter would put pretties in her hair :-(. follower from Wandering Wednesdays. HAGW! Sue

  3. Great idea! I need to jazz up my headband stash. Given that I rock one constantly because I am too lazy to wash or comb my hair. Ah, the joys of motherhood.

    thanks for linking up to creative juice thursday!

  4. Cute! Think my daughter will love it!

  5. This is simple and cute! I love and I know my daughter will too! I have so many scraps and now I can have one more thing to make out of them!! Thanks so much for linking up to Try it Tuesday at DotDotDOt! It made my day! I will be featuring this! Have a happy Monday!