March 3, 2011

Placemat Purse

      I found these darling placemats for $1.00 several months ago. I have wanted to make a purse for my little misses to take to church for her scriptures for sometime now. She has totally fallen in love with purses since her aunt made her a super cute one this winter. Those poor placemats I grabbed have been collecting dust in my fabric basket, so I was so excited today when I had a few extra minutes to make this for her. I didn't realize how quick a project this was, or I would have done this months ago!

Materials I used
2 placemats
Some scrap material for the rosettes
Some bling for the center of the rosettes, or whatever you have handy (buttons, old earings, or jewels)
Glue gun
Felt for the back of the rosettes
Pins to attach the rosettes to the bag

       I loved these placemats because they were fairly thick and were different colors on the reverse side.

I folded one of the placemats in half. Sewed up the left and right side. I didn't worry about my seams because I was going to turn this baby inside out.

                                         Here's what it looked like after I flipped it inside out.

For the strap I cut the other placemat the 6 " wide. I didn't take any off  the length

Fold the material for the strap over and sew down the edge.

This is what the strap looks like when its been flipped inside out and is done.

 Sew the strap to the side seam of the bag. Do that on both sides. I 'attempted' to do this. However, after my needles decided they didn't like the thick fabric as much as I did, they continued to break. I ended up hand sewing the straps on. But, if you don't buy crazy placemats like I did, this part will be a cinch and you won't have to hand sew it!

Then I started working on making the rosettes. There are so many fabulous tutorials out there, you can find out more on how to make them here.

The final product! The little misses loves it, hopefully next time it won't take me months to finish one of her sweet little projects! Even with having to hand sew the strap on, this project was so super easy and quick. Can't wait to see her test it out Sunday!  

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  1. So simple and cute! Love it!

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  2. A great idea and girls always love 'bling'. The choice of crimson pink is a winner for any princess. It's a Keeper!

  3. gorgeous! I'm having a party over here if you'd like to join...