July 22, 2011

Hair Book

       I have this super creative neighbor Tiffany, she's seriously creative! Anyway, she shared a fabulous idea with me the other day, this totally didn't come from my noggin. She made a little book for her daughter chock full of hair styles. Remember when your sitting in the salon and flipping through those hairstyle books. Well, its kinda like that, but for your little princess. She would have her daughter look through her hair book and pick out her hairstyle she wanted to wear that day. Genius! I thought this is so clever, and its going to save oodles of time in the morning. I love that part!
     Anyway, I got so excited and had to make one. So, I sat down with my little princess and we searched a few of our favorite hair sites: She Does HairCute Girl, Hairstyles,  and Cute 2 Try Hair Do's . We printed out a few of our favorite do's. It was hard to narrow down so many cute hairstyles! We used one of those $1.00 photo albums you can grab at Walmart or Target to stash the photos in. Then I made a front cover for the album.

                          Here's what the cover looks like you can download free, here.
                The download doesn't have a name on it. It looks just like the one below. Its a 4x6 file.

       Also, coming soon is a darling hair book for us "big girls". Abby over at My Yellow Sandbox is coming out with a fun e-book full of darling hairstyles. I can't wait to have a book of my own handy in the morning!
                                               THANKS FOR VISITING!

The elements used in this download were made using Just So Scrappys 'Mom Kit'
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  1. Cool idea; I think my daughter would like this. Thanks for sharing.


  2. That's really cute... Great idea on remembering hair styles.

    Jeanna. @. Dramaqueenseams.blogspot.com

  3. Adorable! I found you via TT&J, as I'm the post one before yours. My niece would love this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. i love this idea. my daughter is 2 and i love to do her hair. she doesnt like it all the time though haha. thank you for sharing the links to the hair sites too, i need some ideas