July 8, 2011

Hospital Table Runner

      Hey bloggy friends! I sure hope you had a great July 4th with your family. I know we sure did! Nothing quite like a July 4th party to get you feeling summery. Today I have such a fun treasure to share with you, its actually a GREAT idea my sister in law, Denise came up with. She's always filled with fabulous ideas! Her Grandfather is going into the hospital for surgery and will be staying a few days past his procedure to recover. She wanted to make him something to brighten his spirits and the hospital room! Her idea is a table runner for the room with pictures of all his grand kids. Pretty sweet, huh! I knew you'd love it. This could also be a great idea for anyone that has loved ones in a nursing home or just far from home.

Here's what she used to get started...
Material of your choice for the squares and backing
Material for the trim
Dark iron on photo paper
Go through your online photos and pick your favorites
Thread to match

Next cut out 6 rectangles out of your fabric (9"x14") This will allow you to print the pictures large enough for the quilt.

Cut strips to the length of your squares and sew them together. You can make the trim as wide as you feel looks best.

This is what the top will look like when your done sewing the trim on. Next head to your printer and follow the directions on the iron on paper and print all those cute photos you picked out.

Make sure you have all your iron on pictures completed and in place. Then cut the batting and material for the back to size, and sew it all together.

Now you have a heartwarming table runner for your loved one!

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