January 24, 2012

DIY Pottery Barn Over Sized Pencil

                 I fell in love with this pencil I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog! There is always something in between those pages that triggers a project or two. Remember this...

           I so wanted one to go in our kids playroom! The wood on the right side of the picture below is what we started with. Then the left side shows what it looks like after a few cuts on the saw to give it that pencil shape. So sorry for the picture quality, the pictures of the process were taken with my phone camera. Man, I need to remember to have  a better camera on hand. Maybe next time! Hopefully this still helps some though.   
    We painted it, and decided to recycle a long asparagus can to use as the pencils metal casing. Ben nailed the can down for stability, and to make it look more like a real pencil.
                       Here's an idea of the size of it compared to a normal pencil.

           I cut some vinyl with my silhouette and walaaa, and over sized Pottery Barn inspired pencil to hang in our kids playroom at a fraction of the cost!

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  1. So cute! You did a great job. And it really looks just like a giant pencil!