May 4, 2012

Dr. Seuss Bathroom redo..

I wish I could show you the before pictures that I actually remembered to take this time! Our computer died on us and had other plans to take those "before" pictures with it. Long story short-they are gone so just picture a white bathroom with nothing in it- K.

Before we moved into our house I found this shower curtain the kids loved.

Next, we picked Benjamin Moores Glacier Blue paint for the walls in eggshell. We had builder grade white paint before. With 3 kids there was no way that thin builder grade paint was going to stand a chance, so painting was a must! Each time I tried to wipe marks off the walls it felt like the white paint came off also-Ekk! This is the color we picked.

Then we took down our towel rack that looked like this, because there is no way it would hold towels for 3 kids, we tried.

and instead of the towel rack we added these "initial" hooks for each child (and one for our guests)  I scooped them up from the dollar bin at Michaels awhile back, then I spray painted them Banister Red. Next, we added some white boards with wood we already had at in the garage to section things off, and painted them the same color as all the trim in there.

Then Ben painted this Dr. Seuss sign. After he was done painting, I used my silhouette to make a stencil for the "near and far" words and then painted them black.

Since I had the silhouette out, I added our favorite Dr. Seuss quote to the walls.

The kids love it, and boy are ever glad to have all the towels off the floor with these new hooks, which makes us even happier!
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