June 23, 2011

Love More...

             I have read oodles of Linda Eyres books on parenting. When I came across an essay she wrote, I knew I just had to read it. The article talked about how easy it is to "love more" when things are going wonderfully. When things start to get a  little hairy that's when its not always easy to do.
       I thought about all the daily experiences I have as a mother. I thought about how easy it is to get frustrated when my two year old dumps an entire container of lemon aid mix (82 oz) all over the kitchen floor twice, or when the fussing starts right as I am trying to prepare dinner.Those are the moments as a mom I needed that little reminder to love more, and exercise a bit more patience. So I decided to make this little number to help with that. Since making it, I have also seen the seen the kids exercising a "love more" attitude also, and that's brought such a smile to my heart. It really has brought that sense of peace every time I see it.

I made the sign using the square flourish frame from the Silhouette shop, and the font is Pare, I think?


This is where I party:  

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